People First

The Reach is a thoughtfully planned urban community focusing on a modern, accessible lifestyle founded on the belief of “people first”. It is designed to be place where living and learning come together by carve out places and spaces for social interaction. We are a mixed-use vibrant heart where people can live in a beautiful campus neighbourhood, enjoy incredible views of the Thompson River Valley and mountains while surrounding themselves in the academic and retail atmosphere.

The Reach Neighbourhood at TRU densifies the academic core to create a feet-first intimate focal point. It creates a destination campus and University Village Hub that encourages and invites public businesses and TRUs neighbours to play a vital role in the campus. The Campus Neighbourhood maintains green and open spaces for gathering or an informal meeting.

Resources Going Right Back Into Our University TRU Community Trust

The TRU Community Trust was created by Thompson Rivers University with a mandate to enhance campus life for the university’s students and add vibrancy to the campus for all who visit it. The Trust was given the rights to develop approximately 90 acres of campus land. These rights (a 99 year lease) will be sold to developers who will build and market individual properties including a mix of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality units.

This model is a huge success with other universities such as the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. The financial benefits directly support Thompson Rivers University in its pursuit of academic research, and TRU students through bursaries and scholarships.

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Many academic institutions throughout North America have linked their universities with the local communities through the development of campus lands. Institutions such as UBC, SFU, and Harvard have set the bar for this type of project with great success and immense benefit to the local communities and to the students, faculty and staff of the universities themselves.

TRU's masterplan calls for The Reach to create a complete community that integrates a vibrant mixed-use social heart directly into the academic core. This will enhance the educational experiences of students, staff, residents and visitors.