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What is a Master Planned Community?

A master planned community is a neighbourhood that is carefully planned from its inception and is designed in a way that seamlessly connects living spaces with learning, recreational, entertainment, retail, market, office and other amenities. In order to provide a unified vision and consistency in the design and architecture of buildings, developers of a master planned community have strict design guidelines which must be adhered to.

Master planned communities also take into consideration the space between buildings as an important factor in the design of the neighbourhood. Outdoor spaces are landscaped in a way that encourage residents and visitors to socially connect, exercise, and enjoy nature while running errands or simply going for a stroll or relaxing. Master planned communities are generally designed to encourage people to use more sustainable methods of transportation by walking, biking, using transit or using a car share program.

When are the first buildings going to be built?

The construction of the first building will begin in the Spring of 2017 on a north-facing parcel of land behind the TRU Old Main building.

Where are the first buildings going to be built?

Phase 1 of the development at The Reach will begin with residential condos on Parcel E, a north-facing parcel of land behind the Old Main building at TRU.  Shortly after development begins on Parcel E, The Reach will begin looking for Developers to construct a mix of residential, retail and office space at the corner of Summit Drive and McGill Road to transform the gateway to our neighbourhood.

Who will benefit from the development of The Reach?

The income generated from the sale of land parcels to developers will benefit the students of TRU, through scholarships and bursaries, and will also fund research initiatives at the university.

In addition, the new facilities and amenities developed at The Reach will add to the vibrancy and lifestyle of students, faculty, staff of the university and residents of The Reach and the City of Kamloops for generations to come. The Reach will be a community where people from all around the region can live, learn, work and play.

How can I be kept updated for the future sale of residential condos?

You can enter your e-mail address on our Contact Page to receive updates as opportunities to live at The Reach become available.

How can I become involved in development at The Reach?

You can fill out the form on our Contact Page and we will be able to answer any questions that you have.